Mohani was set up in the early eighties by Hajiya Maryam Mohammed in London, Kaduna and Lagos. The name being an acronym of all her children’s name, maintained one of the strong values of the founder. At the onset it focused primarily on luxury ready to wear, luxury silks, shoes and bags then it went on to establish a premium brand hairdresser in the Heart of London. The business had a perfumery, fabrics tailoring, salon cosmetics and a ready to wear section.

Today, years later it has been Rebranded as a lifestyle concept store to include the original luxury items and expanding to many areas spanning from food cakes, interiors, and to real estate. Birthed by a Fabulous lady, who loved simple but extremely Tres chic Bou bous, Iro and Buba, embellished and embroidered Kaftans. Over the years the brand has grown and the fashion style has evolved. We now create and sell a wide variety of fashionable clothing. Our style is indeed unique, colorful and distinct. And as the founder often fondly say “Listen to your intuition” Maison Mohani is presently headquartered in Abuja and due to expand locally and worldwide.